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Julie Upton

Julie Upton is a happy, adventurous, confident woman from Boston, Massachusetts. Her energy and excitement is contagious just like her deep-rooted spiritual practice.

Julie is a passionate Buddhist yogini who has spent much of her adult life studying, teaching and supporting the journeys of her incredible spiritual guides, some of them world known authors and teachers, and all of who support awakening of the Buddha within.

Julie’s motivation for offering people assistance on this incredible pilgrimage to these power places of the Buddha’s life is to inspire people to travel deeper within themselves. Her goal is to provide a safe, happy and positive environment where like-minded people on similar journeys are able to discover the Buddha that lives within each of us.

India and Nepal are amazing places to travel.  Julie’s background of organizing world-wide teaching tours and retreats, her own personal experience of solitary retreat, yearlong studies in a remote dessert and living in India and Nepal make her a responsible and confident companion on a spiritual journey where you discover your own Buddha within.

Formal training:

  • 36 open and advanced courses of Buddhist study in the Geluk lineage through Asian Classics Institute
    (ACI) during a period of roughly 14 years (equivalent to a double PHD in western education)
  • Many months of solitary and group retreats
  • Hatha Yoga Teacher
  • Internation Tour Manager to world-wide authors Lama Sumati Marut and Lama Christie McNally
  • Teaching the ACI curriculum, Yoga and Meditation during seminars, retreats and to groups world wide

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Christian Nicolai

Christian loves India and has been working and traveling all over India in the past 25 years. He enjoys traveling with a purpose; hence he combines his work as a business consultant with his joy for spiritual adventures.

Walking in the Buddha’s footsteps was a heart opening journey for him. While visiting the four sacred places for the first time, he and Julie gave birth to Middle Way Tours to share this amazing and once in a lifetime experience with others.

Christian follows the teachings of the Buddha in an open minded way and translates insights into his private and business life.

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